COVID-19 test for GREEN PASS

COVID-19 TEST swab kits are available at a special price for GREEN PASS issuance.

COVID-19 test for GREEN PASS issuance

Please be informed that we cannot print your green pass at our facility. The Italian Ministry of Health website explains how you can download and print your green pass

SUBSCRIPTION for Rapid antigenic tests with a validity of 48h

Results after 20 minutes

10 tests = 150€

For example, if you need 3 swabs every week the expenditure will be 45€ / week.

Mixed Subscription for Rapid Antigenic Test + Molecular Test

Results after 20/30 minutes 3 rapid antigenic swabs (validity 48 h) + 3 rapid molecular swabs (with a validity of 72 h)

3+3 tests = 165€

For example, if 2 swabs are needed a week, the expenditure is €55/ a week

For availability and reservations, contact us.

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