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Clinical Analysis Laboratory and Ultrasound Centre accredited by the Italian National Health Care System.

Open since 1978, the Centre has been offering clinical analyses and diagnostic ultrasound services that are covered by the Italian Health Care System or private payment options. Clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunological and genetic analyses are carried out using cutting edge, specialized equipment and technology.

The centre was certified and accredited in 2010 by the regional government in consideration of its qualified staff, modern equipment/technology and high standards of care. Over the past decade it has achieved an enviable reputation as a health care provider.

Its general director is Prof. Fabrizio Fabris. Dr. Immacolata Cordiano is the laboratory director, Dr. Domingo Milite is the ultrasound director, Dr. Federico Forattini is the head of the ophthalmology service.

Data Clinica - Sede Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza) - sala di attesa
Data Clinica
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